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Save time and money with Vittles so you focus on what makes your restaurant unique: the food.

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Increase online profit margins

Instead of giving you incremental sales, Vittles gives you incremental profits – immediately. Every online order that goes through Vittles instead of another app is an instant profit increase of 10-25% and a happy customer that we guarantee will prefer ordering through Vittles! That's because our platform is as beneficial for them as it is for you!

Reduce digital complexity

Customers don't want to download an app for every individual restaurant they visit. Grubhub, DoorDash, and UberEats know this. That's why they're as popular as they are despite all the bad press. A local restaurant trying to set up a website plus two different mobile apps adds unnecessary digital complexity to their business. You're a restaurant, not a digital agency. Let Vittles handle your online orders, rewards, and promotions so you can focus on doing what you love.

The best rewards tech on the market

Vittles features top tier rewards technology that integrates seamlessly into the customer marketplace experience. Your restaurant's discounts, rewards, and promotions are easily manageable at any time from your Vittles Dashboard and cost you absolutely nothing to use no matter how often you leverage them or how many customers redeem.

We let our features do the talking

Need 12 more reasons why you should switch to Vittles right now? Click a feature to learn more about what Vittles is serving up for local restaurants and their customers.

no contract

No contract

Don't like Vittles? Leave whenever you want.

reduce complexity

Reduce digital complexity

No more managing a website and mobile apps. Unless you want to.

unbeatable pricing

Unbeatable pricing

We offer the lowest possible pricing for greatest possible return.

no service fees for diners

No service fees for diners ever

Diners love that Vittles has absolutely no service fees.

no paid search

No "Pay-for-search"

Paid search is rigged search. Vittles orders restaurants by menu quality.

free deal campaign and coupon features

Free deal campaign and promotional features

An essential feature that other platforms charge extra for.

Free Loyalty Program features

Free Loyalty Program features

Loyalty programs are proven to increase customer retention. Get it on Vittles for free.

Access to customer data & insights

Access to customer data & insights

They're your customers on Vittles.

High-value supportive customers

High-value customer access for free

Vittles VIP is higher value than Grubhub+, DashPass, or Uber One.

Limited competition

Limited competition

No McDonald's or Mr. Beast ghost kitchens taking away orders.

subsidized rewards

Subsidized rewards

Save money when customers redeem the many rewards offered by the platform itself!

better reach for diners with diets

Get featured in Vittles marketing

The people who work on Vittles eat at partner restaurants all the time.

Supporting the local community

Vittles partners with multiple non-profits and community efforts to make each order as impactful as possible. We're second to none in how much we love local restaurants because Vittles is as local as it gets. If Grubhub is Batman, then Vittles is Bane – born in and molded by local community. Every order you accept through Vittles is strengthening the fabric of our communities right here. Every. single. one.

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You're less than 30 minutes away from seeing your profit margins double or more. The more sales you funnel through Vittles, the more money you earn back and the happier your customers will be. Partnering with Vittles is a quick and easy process with no contract, no commitment, and no setup fee! Click the button below to refocus your restaurant on doing what you do best.

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