What is Vittles?

Awesome restaurants + Awesome rewards

You like ordering from restaurants, but with each new app, company, and restaurant that opens up, the experience changes: different or inconsistent loyalty programs, new subscription services, and more login credentials to manage. Frankly, most of these rewards programs are pitiful. So we decided to create a platform that let's you order your favorite food, and earn points that can be used at all restaurants and be combined with rewards offered by any restaurant—without any of the service fees.

Why we started

Vittles is an online ordering app that was built to improve the state of online delivery and takeout in New York City. We believe that with a simple, yet uncommon team structure we can transform online ordering into a service beneficial for everyone involved. Each restaurant that partners with us is saving significant dollar amounts on each order that can amount to shedding tens of thousands of dollars in service fees per year.

A broken industry

Online ordering is an industry laden with rapacious business practices, asymmetrical information, and outrageous commissions. Many of the companies servicing big cities like New York and San Franciso are sustained by venture capital; they are not profitable and likely charge these hefty commissions to speed along the process of repaying millions in investment.

Who is online ordering hurting?

A surprising number of delivery app users don't know that many restaurants report (read: complain) that orders placed through services like Seamless, UberEats, and DoorDash result in dismal profits for their business at best, and on the worse end, they lose money in the transaction. As one restauratuer put it: "Sometimes it feels like we make food to make Seamless money." But please, don't take our word for it.

Our Mission

We firmly believe that there can exist a delivery app that treats both diners and restaurants with fairness, transparency, and even preference. The apps that we have come to rely on in our everyday lives are "nice" to us, but restaurant owners and informed eaters unanimously refer to these companies as a "necessary evil". Our mission at Vittles is simple:

Make that evil unnecessary.